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Bee Queen Honey

Tamworth, Ontario

Organic beekeeping to ensure a high quality natural honey

My name is Karen, a third generation beekeeper in Tamworth Ontario, where I manage 450 colonies of bees. We (the bees, myself and my summer student) harvest approximately 35,000 lbs of honey per year.

Our bees collect nectar from the common wildflowers that grow in the fields and forests of southern Ontario. These include sweet clover, alfalfa, alsike clover, milkweed, basswood, linden, honey locust, aster and golden rod, just to name a few.

No chemicals are used in the removal and processing of our wildflower honey. We use organic beekeeping practices in order to provide you with a high quality natural product. Our honey is not pasteurized. It will crystallize, especially if stored between 50 - 60 degrees F. To liquefy, gently warm in a water bath or at a low setting in your oven.

We hope you enjoy this sweet offering.

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